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It’s been an eventful week. First, I published my latest book, THE BARNACLES OF ÆGIR, my first science fiction novel. The following is the description from the back cover:

“From decorated fighter pilot, war hero and rising military star to accused traitor, exile, and drug smuggler, Jerrik Larson has finally hit rock bottom. Shot down on the cold watery world of Ægir, he’s marooned with a dead ship, alone on a harsh, uninhabited planet, desperately struggling to save the only thing he has left to lose: his life.

He’s in for a surprise, because Ægir has its own secrets, including one worth an incalculable fortune that has the potential to change not only the Federation of Allied Sectors and its most basic technology, but humanity itself…if he can just get it off that freezing ball of water and rock. But the world has another secret as well, and one that will affect him far more; Jerrik is not as alone as he thinks he is.

When his past finally tracks him down, Jerrik finds himself battling, not only for survival this time, but for his honor, his fortune and his race…and for love, with the future of all of White Space riding in the balance.”

It must have something going for it, because my editor, Kathy Gaskins, who is a hardcore sci-fi fan herself, had this to say:

“I’m still excited by this story. The fight scenes were thrilling, the use of cultural ethos was stellar, the romance was wonderful: erotic and loving, not graphic…I could picture the planet; it made me want to be there!”

She also said it ranked up there with some of the best books of that genre she’s ever read, so, needless to say, I was quite happy.

The book is currently available from Amazon on Kindle at or in hardcopy at Lulu: The hardcopy should hit Amazon within the next couple of weeks.

I was also privileged to do my annual reading to the 4th grade class at the local intermediate school; I’ve done this for several years now, and have always gotten a good reception from the teachers and students alike. Kids are bloody-minded by nature, so I read them horror stories as usual, in keeping with Halloween; they got to hear Cat’s Cradle Rosary and Van Helsing’s Apprentice (unconventional takes on mountain witchcraft and vampires, respectively) from my book DARK PATHS, as well as the terrifying short, Wreckers, and they ate it up.

More than simply entertaining them, though, I encouraged them to do their own writing, and gave them a few pointers on how to go about getting started. As always, the whole experience was very rewarding for me, and, I hope, for them.

Until next time.


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